5 October 2013

After a week of rain we returned to the wood but this time with a metal detector.

We continued to excavate around the walls and it appears that the large rocks are bedded on a shallow layer of rock fragments in order to find a level off the natural. We didn’t take any photographs as the rain stopped our work earlier than we expected.

However I was trying out the metal detector around the site but failed to get any meaningful response until I covered the spoil heap when it gave an audible alarm. We dug through the spoil but found nothing, then about 75mm below ground level found what looked like a medal. However, the detector was still making a noise, so we dug down even further. After another 100mm we found a large brass washer. No quite what we would have liked.

Later the medal was cleaned and it was found to be hexagonal in shape and commemorates King George V and Queen Mary’s silver jubilee.

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