20 March 2014

Finally we are able to start digging and six of us arrived at the site ready for whatever the ground and weather could throw at us.

Our first task was to decide where the first trench of the season should go. We agreed that the top left corner of the square feature was best and set out Trench 6 which to start with was going to be 2 meters square.


We then started to trowel back the layers. We found some nice flints in the plough soil and then came down on a layer of limestone.

DiggingWe went a little lower but only came up with more limestone rubble. At about 2.30pm the rain started and we abandoned work for the day.

Day 1 resultsThis wasn’t quite what I was expecting and we think this could be residue from ploughing and the real archaeology is under this layer.

Later at home I plotted trench 6 on the geophys and we weren’t digging exactly where I thought we were and as a proportion of the square feature, the trench is a small proportion. When we have dug through the limestone layer we will probably have to extend the trench to cover the main features.

smallViewThe red square represents the area of trench 6.

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