4 April 2014

As the weather didn’t look good for Thursday, we met on the following day. Last week we went as far as we could for the time being in Trench 6. We will be returning to it but only when we understand the site better.

Our next trench would be a few meters east of Trench 6 and will hopefully cross the straight features. So we set out Trench 7 5 metres long by 1 metre wide. As there were only four of us on Friday we decided that this was a lot of deturfing and kept it 3 metres long for now.

The image below shows the relative positions of trenches 4, 6 and 7.

smallgridView3After we had deturfed we set about teasing out the archaeology.

Working in T7At the end of the day we had fractured limestone at one end of the trench with maybe some evidence of edges. At the northern side was a small line of stone then a gap of about a metre before a small line a stones disappearing into the northern edge. Not sure what this all means at the moment but we be investigating more the next time we meet.

T7 4 April 14


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