12 April 2014

On Saturday three of us returned to the site and after some ground investigations and thought, extended trench 7 west. This was to be known a Trench 7a.

It was small, 1m x 1.5m but was to prove very interesting. There was not very much in the trench except the usual bedrock, a few flints, some 18/19th century pottery and another piece of the 12/13th century cauldron we found earlier. However, there was at the edge of the trench a soft area surrounded by small stones. This proved to be another post hole.

T7a Post HoleSo using our vivid imaginations we concluded that we may have a roundhouse with a post hole found the previous Thursday and then this one which could be one of four central posts which had the hearth in the centre.

So, measuring from the post hole to the presumed centre was 5.3m, then extending this a further 5.3m we put down a marker.

It was then a short step to digging a small trench just the check if our theory was right. And it was, we come straight down on a sandstone pad which may have supported a post.

 Post PadThe question is, do we have a roundhouse, or even a group of them and do they have a relationship with the ditches?

Below is a plan showing the trenches, post holes, the possible position of the roundhouse with the contours and ditches.

 Rhewl Farm Grid 300

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