4 August 2013

On 4 August I received an email from the secretary of the Chepstow Archaeological Society reproduced below:

I have been contacted by a friend who has been metal detecting with other detectorists on a farm in … where Roman material is coming up. Parch marks suggest a building on the site. The farmer is interested in establishing if there is a villa there. I have asked if a few trial trenches would be acceptable – thinking that maybe Trostrey ( and perhaps some CAS members) may like it as a Summer project. I am also wondering if John has spotted it from the air. When you next talk to/see John could you ask him if he has seen anything…, sorry don’t know the coordinates at this stage.

Do you think your diggers would be interested in this?

After a number of emails around the rest of the group I replied that we were definitely interested and I arranged to meet the metal detectorist at the site.

When I got there it was obvious that the field had been levelled at some time and I took some pictures to try to show this but not very successfully.


Also below the field is a small wooded area that is full of derelict walls. These could be from any time from the Iron Age to Medieval.

Next on the agenda was to arrange a meeting with the land owner.