The 2015 Season – part 1

We started our season in 2015 still attempting to make sense of the two ditches that have been prominent as crop marks in the field. They are enigmatic as nowhere can we find similar references. Details of the termini of the ditches suggest something but quite what we cannot be clear about.

We also carried out further geophysical surveys but these were inconclusive except that we may have found another ditch.


We noticed that both ends of ditch 1 were splayed at an angle of 74 degrees and when the ends were extended they met at a focal point.


When we excavated at the focal point we found a post hole (see below).


Now, this may have been a coincidence but at a certain point we decided that unless we had the work force for an open area excavation it would be difficult to assess the kind of habitation we seemed to be uncovering. We found flints but no early pottery in any of the post holes. A question mark remains about who and what is beneath this field at Rhewl Farm.