The 2014 Season

We ended the 2014 season with mixed feelings. On the one hand we had a full summer of digging in pretty good weather and a landowner who was more than happy for us to dig up his farm. But on the other hand we still don’t know what the archaeology is. There are many theories but I only intend to show what we have found.

We spent most of the summer investigating the two stone filled ditches that showed up so well on the geophys. Ditch 1 is about 20 metres long by 1.8 metres wide and we found the north end which to our surprise was not perpendicular to the long side but at an angle.

Ditch 1 end

The skew end of Ditch 1

Ditch 2, of which the south end is about 10 metres away from the north end of ditch 1, is about 20 metres long but not parallel to ditch 2. The end of this ditch butts up to the bedrock.

The end of ditch 2 butting into bedrock

The end of ditch 2 butting into bedrock

At both of the ends we may have found evidence of some post holes. The reasons for these holes is open to much speculation.

Post holes at the end of Ditch 1

Post holes at the end of Ditch 1

The plan below shows what we have discovered to date.

2014 planAt the earliest opportunity this year I would like to carefully remove the stones from one end and carry out some more geophys to see if there are any more ditches in the field. Of course there are always the walls in the wood to investigate but I’m not sure how we go about that.

One thing that would make our digging easier would be more hands – volunteers are always welcome.

We had two finds that were very interesting in their different ways. The first was a small figurine about 75mm high that we found whilst deturfing.

FigurineAt first I was convinced it was Roman but I showed it to Mark Lewis of the Roman Legionary Museum in Caerwent and he said it was 19th century Parian ware. Still, it’s very nice.

The second was a flint barbed and tanged arrowhead which is probably from the bronze age.

Arrow HeadLet’s hope we can find more about Rhewl Farm this year especially when we experts like these at our disposal!